Chapters MOD APK v6.2.0 Premium Choices/Diamonds/Tickets

Chapters Interactive Story is a unique and entertaining role-playing game in which you select your own stories from a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, fantasy, romance, young adult, sci-fi, and many others.

You must choose a suitable character for yourself at the start of the game and personalize them by applying expensive items and casting them with lines to make them appealing. However, access to these things requires an in-app payment.

What is Chapters Mod Apk, and how does it work?

The Chapters Mod Apk version is patched by third-party developers to access the official Chapters Interactive Stories without purchasing it and uses all the premium features. You will also receive this cracked version free of charge with unlimited gems and unlimited tickets.

This modified version helps you in the uninterrupted play of the game, with other features such as:

  • Diamonds Unlimited
  • Choices Premium
  • Tickets Unlimited
  • Free goods to buy in-app
  • Pay Characters Unlocked

Chapters Interactive storyline is one of the most fun simulation games in which you may select your preferred tale to finish chapters and episodes to unlock new storylines.

This game is full of fascinating stories created by famous authors. Besides stories, you will also engage with supermodels and schoolgirls that are love lily animated. Moreover, by impressing them with your flirting abilities, you may date these beautiful females.

Chapter Mod Apk Features:

Many simulation online dating games are accessible on the internet. But chapters Interactive tales are different since they are loaded with unique storylines and the most outstanding elements that make this game the greatest simulation game for the dating industry.

I described some wonderful aspects of the apk cracked Chapters below. Carefully read these characteristics to utilize during the game.

  • Diamonds Unlimited

Diamond is the biggest resource in this game as it is utilized to sell game store premium products. However, you have to buy diamonds with real money to get them.

If you desire to receive free infinite diamonds, download chapters on our website for limitless diamonds.

  • Tickets Unlimited

This is perhaps the finest feature in this mod, as you’ll be limited to reading premium chapters in the official version because they’re locked. You must have enough tickets to unlock them in order to read them. You have to pay for extra tickets.

But you will receive infinite free tickets in this hacked version. So now you may read any of this game’s premium chapters.

  • Pay Characters Unlocked

The game has many fantastic characters. But as usual, just a handful of them will be available, as many of them are held in the game shop. But all premium characters are unlocked free in this Mod Apk chapter.

  • Free goods to buy in-App

You need to purchase premium accessories for your characters from a game shop via diamonds. To personalize them. But you get free shopping access from the in-game store in this modified edition.

  • Gameplay Ad-Free

Well, nobody likes to see publicity during sports since these adverts completely spoil our spirit and focus. Such we’ve changed this game in Chapter so that you won’t get a single ad during the game.

  • Some more characteristics

The following features are listed. I hope you’d want to know them. I hope you like them.

  • Unlocking special features
  • Completely opened
  • Purchase free in-app
  • Great pictures
  • Anti-ban

How to download chapters and install them?

I share a step-by-step instruction for installing the Mod Apk Chapters 2021. You may easily accomplish the job if you know how to install it on android. But I supplied you with a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Get the latest version of the Chapters Mod Apk from link given below

Step 2: Get your chapters Mod Apk interactive stories by clicking the Download Start button. In a couple of seconds, your download begins.

Step 3: Go to the file manager and launch your downloaded application. You may ask for certain permission if you first install the App via the File Manager.

Step 4: Click and activate the Allow from this source switch by clicking the Settings Option.

Step 5: Click the back button and try installing the game again. This time, without a problem, it will install.

Enter the chapters


Visual games are not too complex to play. Each Chapter passes you in a very relaxed fashion, as you like a novel. Chapters Interactive stories are told via the main character’s photos and lines. You must aid him/her to find ways to make your dream-man seduce and flirt.

The Interactive Stories Chapters currently consist of 149 books. The gameplay follows the tale, but this isn’t about a game that gets you to the tale. There are numerous knots in any tale, and you can push the plot in the right path. Love tales, like a novel, are not correct or incorrect. You reach a different finish in each of your options. It can be glad, sad. It is up to you completely.

The description for each narrative is accessible so that you may select material games suitable for you.

Adjust the character

Chapters Interactive Stories is particularly ideal for fashion fans, as well as romantic love stories. You may change the look, clothes, haircut, color of the skin for the character before the start of the game. And you continue to pick outfits to suit the event when your character participates in an Event or Party. While the clothes of the personality do not greatly influence the story, trust can provide you with more distinct thoughts via looks.


Chapters Interactive tales are a set of 2D visuals and textual related tales. The way they developed the characters, all with a really lovely appearance, pleased me a lot. Furthermore, the background with numerous colors is likewise highly detailed. The game features some music to match every tale, but it doesn’t influence your experience too much.

Requirements for hardware

Chapters Interactive Histories is a hardware-friendly game that offers 2D visuals and reasonably easy gameplay. There are various Android smartphones you may experiment with, including mid-range phones. The memory needs are only around 100MB; therefore, they are not too huge.

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